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Why Chakras?

The Seven Chakras, are the psychoactive energy centres in the body. Many studies have shown that, these are identified with the Physical, Emotional Health of an Earthling. The physical phenomenon of each Chakra is through specific cells in the Endocrine system, and in the Nervous System. With this theory in mind, we have designed these recipes to help harmonize these seven Chakras, to facilitate in the healing and healthy development; of the mind, body and soul.

We are Family owned  & ALL of our produce is Organic, and Local.

Our Store, and Market is 100% Vegan. We believe that minimizing the Carbon Footprint begins with what we consume. Food also has a frequency; just like our Chakras, and Body. Our Healing, can only be cultivated in a high frequency body and with the support of, high frequency living foods. 





Our Space

We also offer our space to artists of any kind to showcase their work, if you are interested please e-mail us at

If you would like to rent our space for an event or if you would like to use our location for filming, please call us at 310.699.3638 or e-mail at


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 Passionate about the healing power of plant-based foods and chakras, a large and unique menu was conceived by combining the two.

"We want to educate and help people with food"-Bartek

"We love this community, and we are so grateful for our supportive and kind neighbors. Echo Park is the best!"-Bartek